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Coho Data, Data Gravity, Nimble, Pure, Tegile and Tintri Team Up to Discuss Flash Storage Trends at VMworld

IT environments today are highly virtualized. They need fast, flexible data storage that’s easy to manage and scale. That’s where the new crop of upstarts comes in. The titans of the storage industry have been slow to innovate and address the changing needs of their customers. They continue to push older, slower solutions that often come with complicated licensing models and exorbitant support costs.

Newer storage vendors have disrupted the storage industry by building solutions designed from the ground up to accommodate flash. Each company has taken a different approach: Pure Storage, for instance, focuses solely on all-flash arrays, Nimble focuses on hybrid systems, and Tegile has built a platform that supports all-flash and hybrid configurations.

This year at VMworld, representatives from Coho Data, Data Gravity, Nimble, Pure, Tegile, and Tintri will take the stage together to discuss how the new generation of storage solutions is fundamentally changing the way organizations use and interact with storage.

Storage Upstarts:  More than a “Flash” in the Pan

VMworld,  San Francisco

Wednesday, Sept 2, 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Session: VAPP6681-SPO

Session Details

Howard Marks, founder and chief scientist at DeepStorage.net, will referee, er, moderate the discussion. Come prepared with questions, or submit them via Twitter at @DeepStorageNet #VAPP6681.