Wikibon: The Potential Business Value of Low-latency Flash


Have you ever seen a manager succeed in taking away an employee’s Macbook Air and replacing it with a traditional hard disk PC? Or tried to migrate application users from a flash-only array to a cheaper traditional hard disk (HDD) array? Have you ever had to remember to save your work on a flash-based iPhone?

Users know that fast and consistent system response times from any device, application or system they are using improves their individual productivity. DBAs and storage administrators know that the vast majority of systems with very fast storage run better and take less time to manage. Moreover, flash provides more productive ways of designing systems, e.g., continuous saving of every keystroke is impossible with hard disk PCs, but is the norm in flash-based mobile devices. And of course, when there is an IT problem, storage is generally the culprit until proven otherwise.

The objective of this research is to help executives justify faster storage, both from an IT budget and an application user productivity perspective.

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