Wikibon: The IT Benefits of an All-Flash Data Center


If you have an all-flash laptop, could you ever accept going back to one with a hard disk? Can you imagine having to remember to save data on your mobile device or all-flash laptop? How irritating is using software designed for hard disks and losing data when you forget to save? Could you, as a consumer, go back to using the magnetic storage used in your cameras, cell phones … [Read more...]

The Role of Data Reduction in a Flash Environment

Stretching a Dollar

In order to maximize capacity and bring down the cost per GB, vendors in this space generally include comprehensive deduplication technology that can have a major positive impact on capacity. Even better, data reduction technologies in all flash systems also serve to extend the life of the flash media itself. Here’s why: when data is deduplicated, it doesn’t need to be written … [Read more...]

Storage Protocol and Network Flexibility

global network connection concept

Storage comes in many different flavors, as does the way in which hosts connect to it. There are various speeds and protocols available, and different options suit different environments. There are two primary considerations when choosing how to attach to storage: the requirement of the workload and the requirement of the business. While performance is one factor, the … [Read more...]

Free DCIG 2015-2016 Small/Midsize Enterprise Hybrid Storage Array Buyer’s Guide


See how you can benefit from the only hybrid storage arrays ranked top in their class three years in a row! In this buyer's guide, the experts at DCIG scored and ranked 23 hybrid storage arrays from 10 companies. Hybrid storage arrays promise to deliver the dramatic performance of all-flash storage arrays, but at a lower cost because hybrid storage uses both flash memory and … [Read more...]

Free Report: Gartner Magic Quadrant for General-Purpose Disk Arrays


As new technologies gather momentum, I&O leaders must ensure that their infrastructure visions align with their current and potential suppliers' product strategies, and quantify suppliers' abilities to deliver on their promises. In this report Gartner outlines vendor strengths and weaknesses in the General-Purpose Disk Array market. This report features the Gartner Magic … [Read more...]