Free eBook: Flash Storage for Virtualization for Dummies!


Flash Storage for Virtualization For Dummies introduces you to the options flash technology offers to meet the increasing demands on storage created by virtualization. This book is about solving your organization’s storage needs without putting up with poorer performance and greatly increased operational costs induced by legacy hard drive–based systems. In this free eBook, … [Read more...]

Understanding Virtualization & Storage Challenges


As servers continue to get virtualized and new desktop virtualization programs are launched, organizations face many challenges in addressing those needs. Storage is often the biggest bottleneck to performance. Simply adding more and more hard disk drive (HDD) spindles without considering the cost and efficiencies isn’t a sustainable answer for most companies. This chapter … [Read more...]

Taking a Closer Look at Flash Storage for Virtualization


In this chapter, you take a look at how hybrid storage arrays combined with the right set of advanced features can provide the solution your organization deserves. One example, Tegile’s intelligent flash array, is discussed to show how this solution is designed to provide the features you need. Using In-line Data Reduction Hybrid storage arrays use a combination of dynamic … [Read more...]

Looking at Flash Storage Case Studies


Descriptions of the technology and product features are certainly useful in introducing a subject like flash and hybrid storage arrays, but sometimes seeing concrete examples helps you gain a better understanding of the actual value of technology and features. In this chapter, you see a couple of examples that show how Tegile’s storage arrays benefited a medical services firm … [Read more...]

Looking at Flash Storage Alternatives


Network storage arrays have traditionally been comprised of a bunch of hard disk drives. Over the years those drives have become faster, physically smaller, higher capacity, and less expensive. Even so, hard disk drives increasingly fall short in delivering the performance and energy efficiency required in today’s high-demand computing environments. This chapter takes a … [Read more...]