Why Hypervisor Choice is Increasingly Important


If you’ve been involved in enterprise virtualization at some point in the last decade, chances are good that you were involved with VMware vSphere. If you were in a heavily Microsoft-centric environment, or perhaps one where cost was a particularly sensitive variable like higher education, perhaps you ran Hyper-V. And, in various other more specialized use cases, it’s possible … [Read more...]

The Value of Cloud Monitoring and Analytics


In the IT industry, there’s a term for devices or software that report back to their manufacturer. This behavior is commonly referred to as the “phone home” feature. Depending on the context, this term can carry a negative connotation. Perhaps a bit of software sends information back to the parent company that contains sensitive information the user would prefer not to be … [Read more...]

How Can VVOLS Improve Your Storage Environment?


One of the most anticipated components of the 2015 release of VMware vSphere 6 was the long-awaited Virtual Volumes technology. Virtual Volumes (VVOLS) is not a product that is purchased, but rather a set of APIs that can leveraged by a storage array. VVOLS enabled policy-based, VM-level control over storage on any array that implements the technology. In the 2016 State of … [Read more...]

Flash Integrated Backups Are the Future


We have all smiled and nodded as upper management spouts the line, “People are our most important assets.” Of course people are important to running any organization, but in an enterprise the most important asset is often data. Data is the very lifeblood of a business. It enables information to flow between people and applications. The importance of data leads businesses to … [Read more...]

The Role of Flash in the Journey to the Cloud


One thing that seems to be universally true is that enterprises no longer want to be in the business of running infrastructure. They have been embracing private cloud and “As-a-Service” offerings at a stunning pace. This adoption has posed a challenge for a lot of security and IT teams. They have struggled with using cloud storage as a place for business critical data. For as … [Read more...]